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I’m going to break one of my many self-imposed rules on this one. I don’t like talking about LGBTQ topics because I get sick of hearing about it and your liable to piss someone off just for having a different opinion. I cringe every time I hear the overused term "woke." We are in the days where the most coddled and protected group in this country are the LGBTQ population. The following is my disclosure: I am a Bible believing Christian who has conservative values but in no way shape or form identifies with the conservative or liberal parties in America. I am speaking as a parent who is genuinely concerned about the kind of world my children are going to be living in when they get to be adults, LORD willing. I’m sure my parents never imagined that puberty blockers would be forced on children with gender dysphoria. But that’s sin for you.

I will be discussing the following video:

Here is something I have always wondered. Why is health class never really about health? There are so many facets to health that it can’t possibly be a shortage of material. You could spend a year alone talking about healthy eating habits. Then there’s exercise, the effects of stress/stress relief, sports related injuries, sleep, etc. Talking about puberty is fine as well. But I cannot, for the life of me, understand who decided that the public school setting should have a curriculum geared towards sex ed. Many American schools struggle to educate kids on the basics and they are worried about fine tuning the sex ed curriculum.

Many of you probably know that there is a huge push from the extremist in the Democratic party to introduce topics pertaining to same sex partnerships and transitioning into the other gender (I maintain that being binary is an opinion, not a gender…but I digress). In some of the most liberal parts of the country, they are aiming to introduce these things as early as the third grade. Understandably, many parents are outraged. I’m not too thrilled about this either. However, I now live in the south so it will probably be a cold day in hell before any of that gets taught in our public schools.

I didn’t want to click on the link. I always get nervous when my Mom sends me videos because we don’t always see eye to eye on political stuff. I also have never heard of this guy but he certainly isn’t the first black person to make a buck off of going against the grain. A politically conservative black person is about as common as blue cows. But they are a real thing. Anyway, I couldn’t stop watching it but I was waiting for something to disagree with but it never came. I held my breath prepared for irritation to smack me clean across the forehead but it never did. I was able to watch the video, appreciate the content, and be inspired to write this blog post. Who knew I could still tolerate conservative media?

I will say that when he commented that if those individuals had been mostly white then they would have been called terrorists. I would argue that this is no better than the fact that if it was black people, many Republicans would call them rioters or a mob. I could wax poetic about how many black leaders and many black Christians have remained silent on such matters for far to long but that’s for another day.

America is fixated on sexualizing kids at young ages. They depict teen romances and teen sex like that’s something most parents want to encourage. Beloved children’s shows are beginning to depict same sex parents and cross dressing in the name of representation (see photos below and this: As if I don’t already have to brace myself for the possibility of having to explain a person dressed in a confusing way to my kid just about every time we go to the grocery store. Can we talk about the actual number of professing gay people in this country? "Americans' estimate of the proportion of gay people in the U.S. is more than five times Gallup's more encompassing 2017 estimate that 4.5% of Americans are LGBT, based on respondents' self-identification as being lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender." Representation is nice to have but its hardly a right. We are more or less allowing 5% of our population to bully the other 95% of us into giving them whatever they want. The article further goes on to say,The expansion of LGBT activism in children’s programming comes as the LGBT advocacy organization GLAAD has called for 20% of all television characters to be LGBT by 2025.” I can't be the only person disturbed by that statistic. This is blatant overrepresentation to create the illusion that it is more prevalent than it truly is. I’m confused as to why people of a particular sexual persuasion are dictating to children’s television producers what they should and should not be doing in the first place.

And Disney...dear, sweet Disney...and I have adored your movies for decades and clung to you out of a sense of nostalgia and loyalty. I am running out of reasons to remain in this relationship. I am thankful for the many Christians who remain there, trying to influence the company for good but I am very close to divorcing Disney plus and just purchasing the content that we want on a case-by-case basis. Every Pride month we are inundated with spark shorts and documentaries celebrating LGBTQ themes. I have to watch the TV like a hawk to make sure the previews that play automatically or the images that pop up are appropriate. With the treasure trove of LGBTQ characters that are planned for the future, we are going to have to be more vigilant than ever about the content our children consume.

I get that we live in a pluralistic society with people from vastly different backgrounds. But this movement is starting to act an awful lot like a cult fundamentalist religion. They silence anyone within their group who doesn’t fit the narrative that they want put out there and perpetuate quite a bit of cancel culture (Admittedly Repubs are just as bad with cancel culture though). Their news stations won’t talk about anything that doesn’t service the liberal agenda. The same goes for Fox News with regards to the conservative one. The push to indoctrinate young minds with sexually explicit content that explains to them the mechanics of being gay or trans and encourages sexual promiscuity is several steps too far. I can’t see how subjecting children whose brains are not fully mature socially, emotionally, or intellectually until they are in their early twenties is remotely helpful. I’m also not sure how its not a crime to push puberty blockers and gender reassignment surgery on teenagers for the very same reason. We don’t allow kids to drive, or buy alcohol, or vote for good reason. You think they have the capacity to decide they want different genitalia?

It's no one else’s job to teach my kids about GOD and how to live a faithful Christian life. I honestly don’t care that prayer was taken out of schools in the 1970s or that the ten commandments are no longer in courtrooms. What good was any of that while blacks were being lynched and Native Americans were being marginalized? I don’t even need this to be a “Christian country” given the many, many terrible wars, imprisonments, tortures, and public executions that have been done in the name of religious sanctity (of which the Christian church is no exception). I just need public officials to return to using common sense to make decisions. Sexually explicit content has no place in schools. Period. Sex education is the prerogative of the parents, not the state. Public schools are proving once again that they lack discretion to make such decisions. This shouldn’t even be on the table for public or private schools to teach anymore as far as I’m concerned. America needs to learn how to start saying “no” loudly, vehemently, and consistently to the extreme agendas that are on both sides of the political spectrum. Otherwise, I can’t see how we will continue as the USA for too much longer. I will tell you one thing, if Donald J or Biden win the next election, hubby and I are going to be having some serious conversations

about living abroad.

What do you guys think? I would love some comments.

How do you believe kids should be educated on sex and non-traditional gender views?

  • a) By their parents and when those parents feel they are rea

  • b) By their school health teacher

  • c) By your youth pastor, senior pastor, or Sunday school tea

  • d) By their peers

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