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AlieNation: The Imitated Life

“One day I will belong.” This was the narrative of my childhood and the mantra that has fueled me through much of my adult life. What happens when you fulfill the so-called American dream only to find yourself feeling more estranged than ever before? AlieNation is my six-volume memoir that is divided into a two-book series. The Imitated Life contains the first three volumes of stories that explore my quest to assimilate my Jamaican heritage with American culture.  It further details my struggle to reconcile the Black American racial normative, the complex dynamics of my blended family, and the impossible standards of modern womanhood with a life that proves far more complex than widespread narratives would have you believe.  If you sometimes find yourself feeling distant or disconnected from your own life, I hope my stories bring you laughter, healing tears, companionship, and hope along the way.  This book is my bold proclamation that belonging, at least in a traditional sense, is overrated.  Join me in welcoming categories that embrace nuances rather than pretending they don’t exist.

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