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A Prayer for Someone Who Sees Me As Their Enemy

Gracious Father in Heaven I lift up this Precious One before you Someone you lovingly knit together in their mother's womb and imbued with unique life and purpose Someone whose rationale, actions, and accusations against me I find incredibly confusing But who you know and understand deeply I pray that you would minister to the wounds that I have unintentionally caused this person I pray that you open the eyes of their heart to understand the wounds and grievances that they have caused me and others I thank you for the gift of my book that has ministered to me and healed parts of my heart that I believed were unreachable I believe it was your Spirit that beckoned to me to share these wounds of mine on the written page as a balm to other broken people entrenched in broken relationships I knew that this would come at a great personal cost and I willingly accept this price I pray that your loving arms would enfold this individual, bringing clarity and peace to their life. Free them from this prison of anger and resentment towards me.

Teach me to hold my tongue as they exhaust their anger toward me

It feels unjust and unfair to be accused of crimes and offenses that remain unclear to me

Help me to entrust you with my defense and to reveal to me the ways in which I have fallen short of loving this person May they come to see, in time, that I was never their enemy. I pray for your goodness, favor, and rich blessings to wash over their life and household. May they abide with you in a rich and fulfilling way. In the name of Jesus, I pray. Amen.

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